International Association of Scientific and Technological University Libraries

IATUL Constitution


Article 1.         Name, Registered Office, Legal Status and Fiscal Year


b.    The English language is its official medium of communication.

c.    IATUL is a registered association in the German Central Register of Associations located in Munich. The standards and legal regulations of the German Civil Code apply.

d.    Any proposal for the modification or extension of the present Constitution, whether originating from the Board of Directors or otherwise, must be submitted to the General Assembly for their consent and must allow a full four weeks for deliberation. Dissent by more than one quarter of the voting membership shall invalidate any such proposal.

e.    IATUL is a non-profit-organisation. Its assets shall be used exclusively and directly for tax-privileged purposes in accordance with its purposes in promoting the field of library services.

f.     No person may benefit from expenditures not related to the purposes of the association, or through inappropriately high allowances. IATUL libraries must not, in relation to their membership, receive allowances or additional remuneration from the means of the association.

g.    The financial year runs concurrent with the calendar year.


Article 2.         Purposes and Tasks

a.    The main purpose of IATUL shall be to promote effective cooperation among its member university libraries.

b.    IATUL shall provide a forum where library directors and senior managers can meet to exchange views on matters of current significance pertaining to library service development and to provide an opportunity for them to develop a collaborative approach to new challenges.

c.    IATUL shall promote the introduction of cutting edge technology as well as commissioning reports on technology trends and information management methods to facilitate and optimise library services for its members, implementing initiatives such as

                          i.    The development of standards

                         ii.    The publication of recommendations

                        iii.    The organisation of advanced training courses

                        iv.    The publication of future trends in librarianship

                         v.    The publication of best practice guidelines

d.    Subject to its purpose, the association will introduce appropriate targets and measures such as

                          i.    Representing the interests of and serving as a competent partner to its members, and acting as an advocate for facilitation of networked university library services around the world.

                         ii.    Cooperating with international bodies of similar mission and interest.

                        iii.    Regularly reviewing and implementing the strategic plan promoting the general aims of IATUL.

                        iv.    Presenting an annual report on its activities to be presented to the General Assembly of IATUL members at the annual conference.


Article 3.         Membership

a.    IATUL membership is institutional, with the respective library director as representative for the institution, or in her/his absence, his/her nominee.

b.    Ordinary Membership
Available to university libraries/information services of institutions which offer Doctoral degrees.

c.    Associate Membership
IATUL also welcomes membership applications from organisations which supply services to university libraries should they wish to be identified with the association’s activities. Associate membership is available, subject to confirmation by the Board, to libraries/information services and commercial organisations interested in supporting the aims and objectives of IATUL.

d.    Honorary Membership
The Board may confer honorary membership upon individuals who have served the Association, or international librarianship, with particular distinction.


Article 4.         Rights and Obligations of Members

a.    All Members have the right to participate in all events offered and organised by IATUL.

b.    Only Ordinary Members shall have the right to vote on all questions pertaining to the present Constitution, or the Rules of Procedure drafted by the Board. Transfer of voting rights is not permitted.

c.    Ordinary Members and Associate Members shall pay the regular annual dues of the Association. IATUL member libraries are divided into two bands. Inclusion in a particular band is dependent on national income data of the relevant country, as reflected in the prevailing UNESCO Scale of Assessments for member state contributions. Details of the membership fees are laid down in the IATUL Rules of Procedure.

d.    Ordinary Members and Associate Members are allowed to submit proposals to the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.


Article 5.         Application for Membership

a.    Applications for membership of IATUL shall be addressed to the Secretary of the Association. Membership is due to approval by the IATUL Board of Directors and will commence with the calendar year.


Article 6.         Organs of the Association

a.    General Assembly

b.    Board of Directors

c.    Executive Board

d.    A term of office for Board membership or any Executive Board function shall be three years, effective January 1 of the year designated by the Board, with one optional extension upon request and decision of the Board of directors as well as approval by the candidate concerned.

e.    Details of regulations relevant to the Organs of the Associations are laid down in the IATUL Rules of Procedure.


Article 7.         General Assembly

a.    The General Assembly shall be made up of the official representatives of Ordinary IATUL member libraries, and is the supreme body of IATUL. The General Assembly decides upon the directions for the work of the Board of Directors, and hence on all questions of fundamental significance for the association.

b.    The General Assembly meets at least once a year, at the annual conference. Invitations and meeting documents will be issued six weeks before the meeting at the latest.

c.    The President shall chair the meeting of The General Assembly.

d.    The tasks of the General Assembly consist in particular of the following:

                          i.    Receive, discuss and approve of the President’s annual report

                         ii.    Receive, discuss and approve of the Treasurer’s annual financial report and budget proposals for the current fiscal year

                        iii.    Adopt rules for membership fees for the different membership categories

                        iv.    Approve the appointment of new Board Members, of bylaws, amendments and editorial changes to the Constitution as well as dissolution of IATUL

                         v.    Decide upon proposals presented at respective meetings

e.    The quorum of the General Assembly shall be the number of Ordinary Members present.

f.     The General Assembly passes its resolutions by simple majority of the voting members present; abstentions are not taken into consideration. A motion shall be deemed to be rejected in the event of an even split in the vote.


Article 8.         Board of Directors

a.    Only Ordinary Members are eligible as members of the IATUL Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be composed of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and at least four other persons to be elected by the membership. Members of the Board shall be elected for a term of three years, effective January 1 of the year designated by the Board, and shall be eligible for immediate re-election to one additional term. The Board of Directors shall elect the Officers, i.e. the Executive Board of the Association.

b.    The number of the Board Members shall be eight. In addition, the Board may co-opt up to three further members. The numerical composition of the Board of Directors shall reflect the diverse cultures and traditions present in university libraries around the world.

c.    In cases where a Board member resigns or is unable to serve during his or her term, the Board will elect a replacement in accordance with the respective article of the Constitution.

d. In juridical as well as extrajuridical matters, the association is legally represented by each individual member of its Board of Directors.


Article 9.         Executive Board

a.    The Executive Board, its members being the Officers of the Association, shall be composed of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.

b.    When an Officer resigns or is unable to continue to serve in his or her office, the Board will elect either one of its members or the official representative of an Ordinary Member library to replace him or her. The term of the new Officer shall follow the principle set forth above if he/she is already a member of the Board.


Article 10.      Regional Groups

a.    The Board may establish regional groups in different parts of the world. Each such group may elect its own regional board and, consistent with the central purpose of IATUL, shall suggest regional publications and programmes to the IATUL Board of Directors for approval. The proceedings of regional boards and reports of regional activities shall be rendered in English to the Board of Directors of IATUL.

b.    Each regional group may elect a correspondent to represent the group's interest to the Board of Directors of IATUL. The president of IATUL may invite a correspondent to attend a Board Meeting.


Article 11.      Use of Assets in Case of Dissolution of the Association

a.    In the event of the dissolution of IATUL, the Board shall decide upon the disposal of funds – provided such funds may be disposed of only for non-profit charitable or educational purposes – in accordance with the applicable law of the respective office location.

b.    Liquidators of the process of dissolution shall be the acting Board of Directors, unless the General Assembly decides otherwise.



We declare the correctness and completeness of this constitution according to the applicable law of the respective office location.


Reiner Kallenborn

IATUL President