International Association of Scientific and Technological University Libraries

Message from the President


Dear Friends of IATUL,
It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the IATUL website, your portal to a unique professional network in the field of information provision.
IATUL - The International Association of University Libraries is committed to creating a supportive environment for the further development of information services for universities around the world.
According to our Constitution, the main objective of IATUL shall be to provide a forum where library directors and senior managers can meet to exchange views on matters of current significance pertaining to library service development and to provide an opportunity for them to develop a collaborative approach to new challenges.
As IATUL President, I would like to invite all member librarians to contribute their insights and make suggestions. I would further like to invite friends of IATUL in university libraries all over the world to join us in striving to serve our customers at the highest possible level. Together, we can make an even bigger difference.
IATUL concentrates on library customers’ working processes, which in turn are defining characteristics of our daily work and of IATUL itself. We will bring forward initiatives serving your needs in:
  • management and leadership
  • e-Research support
  • collaboration
Your needs and requirements are paramount.
Reiner Kallenborn
IATUL President