International Association of Scientific and Technological University Libraries

Membership Fees

Ordinary and Associate Members
For the purpose of levying membership fees, IATUL member libraries are divided into two Bands. Inclusion in a particular band is dependent on national income data of the relevant country, as reflected in the current UNESCO Scale of Assessments for member state contributions.

Current Fees are:

Band 1 Libraries

€150 per year
€390 for 3 years
€620 for 5 years

Band 2 Libraries

€75 per year
€195 for 3 years
€310 for 5 years

An IATUL member who, on the basis of hardship, wishes to make a case for a reduced fee in a particular year should do so in writing to the IATUL Secretary at the time of joining or receipt of renewal invoice.

Sustaining Members
€500 per year

Click here for the list of current IATUL Member Countries by Band.