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Archive October 2007

Global Access to Science, 28th IATUL Conference 2007

Wednesday, 24 October 2007 10:25:07 a.m.

The Conference Proceedings from this interesting and challenging conference are now available.

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Creating Digital New Zealand: New Zealand's Digital Content Strategy

Wednesday, 24 October 2007 10:20:27 a.m.

Creating a Digital New Zealand is about making New Zealand visible and relevant in a connected digital world. It aims to ensure that we are innovative, informed and capable in telling our stories, experiencing our heritage and cultures, and creating our digital future. To that end, an important starting point for the strategy is recognising that the value of content is in what it delivers and enables for end-users. The strategy presents the key digital content influences in New Zealand’s environment, an analysis of digital content issues, and the digital content challenges that face us as a nation. The first steps towards creating a digital New Zealand are outlined in a series of government actions, while related actions from other strategies that contribute directly to the outcomes of this strategy are identified.

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Understanding research behaviors, information resources and service needs of scientists at the University of Minnesota

Wednesday, 24 October 2007 10:11:08 a.m.

In September 2006, the Libraries embarked upon a series of studies of University of Minnesota scientists and graduate students in the sciences in order to understand and incorporate their unique information needs into projects underway in the Libraries and to develop new services and tools where needed. Through focus groups and interviews with over 70 deans, faculty members, and graduate students representing departments on the Twin Cities' campuses, from the Institute of Technology (a college that includes physical science departments and engineering), the College of Biological Sciences, the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences and the Academic Health Center (which includes six health sciences schools and colleges and the University of Minnesota Duleth department of Pharmacy), the study concluded in May 2007.

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A Strategy for Academic Libraries in the First Quarter of the 21st Century

Tuesday, 9 October 2007 3:12:39 p.m.

David W. Lewis
Dean of the IUPUI University Library

The wide application of digital technologies to scholarly communications has disrupted the model of academic library service that has been in place for the past century. Given the new Internet tools and the explosive growth of digital content available on the Web, it is now not entirely clear what an academic library should be. This article is an attempt to provide a strategy for academic libraries in what is left of the first quarter of the 21st century. There are five components of the model: 1.) Complete the migration from print to electronic collections; 2.) Retire legacy print collections; 3.) Redevelop library space; 4.) Reposition library and information tools, resources, and expertise; and 5.) Migrate the focus of collections from purchasing materials to curating content.

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