International Association of Scientific and Technological University Libraries

IATUL Cross Country Co-operation Project

The Cross Country Collaboration Programme provides a grant to IATUL members for projects which demonstrate clear cooperation among two or more member libraries in different countries in relation to a particular service or activity. For example, such a cooperation may relate to:

  • Staff Exchange
  • User Education
  • Service monitoring
  • Evaluation of services and benchmarking
  • Preservation of library materials

These are examples only, and IATUL members are encouraged to identify partners and discuss other ways in which they might work together. Activities undertaken must bring benefit to all participating libraries. Programme funding will not normally be available for library study visits.

The Board is now seeking proposals from members for relevant projects. Suggested projects provides a list of ideas for possible activities. Members are also encouraged to identify suitable collaborative activities within their own context.

Applying for a Grant

Applications should outline the topic that has been chosen and explain how cooperative effort will enhance the services they are providing individually or how the work will add to our knowledge. The project should include an estimate of the costs involved and identify those costs that might be met from the IATUL grant. IATUL assistance may cover travel expenses or project infrastructure.

Any applicant taking up an IATUL grant pledges to deliver an address on the project at an ensuing IATUL conference.

Applications should be emailed to: IATUL Office