International Association of Scientific and Technological University Libraries

IATUL Library Twinning Initiative

To meet the requirements of patrons, modern libraries have created an international information network. By sharing knowledge and experience, and cooperating in complex projects to meet new challenges, librarianship can help considerably to constantly improve our knowledge infrastructure, and find new ways to efficiently navigate the global information highway.

To support the international community of university libraries in creating urgently required synergies, the International Association of  University Libraries (IATUL) has established the IATUL Library Twinning Initiative.

Within the framework of the IATUL Library Twinning Initiative, member libraries are encouraged to form close and long term bonds of mutual cooperation and support, by joint ventures and by setting up an efficient communication infrastructure for the exchange of experience through electronic means and personal meetings.

Please see attached for more information about the Twinning initiative.

Twining Declaration - Dublin City University and Technische Universität München.

This is the first formal declaration between two IATUL University Libraries.