Friday, April 28, 2017

Every other year the ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee publishes a scan of the higher education environment with a focus on implications for academic libraries. The 2017 Environmental Scan builds on last year’s Top Trends in Academic Libraries and the 2015 Environmental Scan, which discussed other notable topics of interest to the academic librarian community, including student success measurements and open educational resources. Therefore, we have chosen not to repeat those topics in this year’s data. The topics discussed and reviewed in this year’s Environmental Scan include higher education funding and costs, enrolment trends within higher education, evidence-based decision making in academic libraries, information literacy issues, competency-based education, digital preservation, open science, open data, curating research data, scholarly communication issues, open access and collection management trends, collection assessment and evaluation trends, research evaluation and metrics, planning and designing library spaces, and social justice issues related to libraries and higher education.