Tuesday, June 15, 2021
IATUL Seminar
woman on stack of books with telescope

IATUL is issuing a call for proposals to host the 2021 IATUL Fall Seminar. IATUL hosts several different types of events in close cooperation with local partners. The main event is the Annual IATUL Conference. In addition, IATUL typically hosts a Seminar in autumn. Additional Directors’ Summits or Focus Workshops may also be offered throughout the year, in response to proposals from member libraries.

The autumn seminar is devoted to a theme of importance to the members and hosted by an IATUL member institution.  Recent themes have included: sustainable crisis management in libraries (Innsbruck, 2020); open science and data management (Gdansk, 2019); and workplace information literacy (Munich, 2018). For the Fall 2021 IATUL Seminar there is some financial support available to support the event.

IATUL events aim to support a professional and close exchange among the member libraries by giving the possibility to meet international colleagues in person. The focus is on creating long-lasting positive synergies from IATUL’s strong global network of institutions. Aside from the valuable content delivered at these events, they stand out because of the high level of engagement among the participants, library directors and senior managers from renowned institutions around the world. Members and delegates from more than 70 countries guarantee an international atmosphere and international perspectives on current issues in the library world.

The IATUL Board invites member institutions to submit expressions of interest to host the 2021 IATUL Fall Seminar. The seminar can be conducted as an online or in-person event. Requirements are the same as those for hosting an annual conference. Please note that financial support from IATUL for the seminar is possible this year. Board members are available to consult on any potential proposal. Please consider submitting a proposal – these may be addressed to: iatul@ub.tum.de.
Proposals will be accepted through August 15, 2021.

Board Members:
Ms Jill Benn, University of Western Australia
Ms Donna Bourne‐Tyson (Treasurer), Dalhousie University, Canada
Ms Teresa Chitty, University of Adelaide, Australia
Dr Charles Eckman (President), University of Miami, USA
Mr Lars Egeland, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
Ms Kate Robinson, University of Bath, UK
Ms Ujala Satgoor, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Dr Anna Walek (Secretary), Gdansk University of Technology, Poland
Dr J. K. Vijayakumar, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia