Friday, December 15, 2017
Libraries for the Future – From Inspiring Spaces to Open Science

The IATUL 2018 Program Committee invites proposals for papers and posters, which should reflect the conference theme:

Libraries for the Future – From Inspiring Spaces to Open Science

The technological development of the recent decades has contributed to increased access to digital sources of knowledge and digital tools for students, teachers and researchers. This development has further changed the way they work, but also the way they use the University Library.

These changes has derived new demands for the libraries: we need to develop a library which suits the world as it is today. One way to accomplish this, is to focus on the users: what is their needs, what type of library and library services are relevant to them? In order to be able to solve the new tasks in the library effectively, it may also be necessary to look at how we organise our work; how can we develop organisations for the future? With this as a background, the overall topics for the conference and the call for papers will be:

  • User Centered Library and Service Design
  • Research Support and Open Science
  • Open Innovation
  • Beyond now – leading the workforce of the future
  • Information Literacy in a Digital Age
  • Strategic Collaboration, locally and globally

Go to event website for further information and submit your abstract.