Former Events

11 June 14 June 2007
Global Access to Science
KTH Royal Institute of Technology – Library
Stockholm, Sweden

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22 May 25 May 2006
Embedding Libraries in Learning and Research 
Universidade do Porto - Faculdade de Engenharia – SDI Library
Porto, Portugal

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26th IATUL Conference

29 May 2 June 2005
Information and Innovation
Université Laval – Bibliothèque
Québec, Canada

25th IATUL Conference

30 May 3 June 2004
Library Management in Changing Environment
Cracow University of Technology – The Library
Krakow, Poland
2 June 5 June 2003
Libraries and Education in the Networked Information Environment Middle Eastern Technical University.

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23rd IATUL Conference

2 June 6 June 2002
Partnerships, Consortia, and 21st Century Library Service
Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology
28 May 1 June 2001
Stratum Continuum of Information
Delft University of Technology – Library
Delft, Netherlands

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21st IATUL Conference

3 July 7 July 2000
Virtual Libraries: Virtual Communities
Queensland University of Technology – Library
Kelvin Grove, Australia

20th IATUL Conference

17 May 21 May 1999
The Future of Libraries in Human Communication
Technical University of Crete – Library and Information Centre
Chania, Greece

19th IATUL Conference

1 June 5 June 1998
The Challenge to be Relevant in the 21st Century
University of Pretoria