The IATUL Board of Directors is composed of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and at least four further representatives of IATUL members. Board members are elected for a term of three years.

The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors are multifaceted. It provides members with accurate and sufficient information when seeking their support for decisions. The Board of course acts in the best interest of the Associations as a whole and gives members honest feedback and advice.

The role of the President is to lead the Association and to chair the Board. The Vice-President substitutes for the President in his/her absence. The Secretary conducts the everyday business of the association and the Treasurer is responsible for all financial affairs.

Some examples of the Board’s work are the preparation of the financial report, participation in board meetings and the support of IATUL events, e.g. reviewing papers or assisting the local organising teams.

In its work the IATUL Board pursues the principles of good governance and reflects the following values:

  • Consensus oriented
  • Participatory
  • Following rule of law where the association is registered
  • Effective and efficient
  • Accountable
  • Transparent
  • Responsive
  • Equitable and inclusive

See the current IATUL Board below.


Anna Walek

Dr Anna Wałek

Library Director
Gdańsk University of Technology – GUT Library
What IATUL means to me: “IATUL is a growing network of leaders of academic libraries from around the world and an excellent platform to share experiences and collaborate for the development of libraries.”
Areas of Expertise:

Academic Library Management, HR Development, Leadership Development, Change Management, Scholarly Communication and Open Access, Research Data Management, Digital Libraries, Open Repositories, Library Space Design, Service Development

Vice President

Dr. Charles Eckmann

Dr Charles Eckman

Dean and University Librarian
University of Miami – Otto G. Richter Library
What IATUL means to me: “For me, IATUL provides a singular opportunity for librarians at member institutions worldwide to share knowledge gained from their research projects and library initiatives. In this way IATUL supports and enhances member library programs. In addition, IATUL fosters new networks and trans-national collaborations.”
Areas of Expertise:

Scholarly Communication; Open Access; Research Data Management


Mag. Gerda Winkler

Head of University Library
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano – Library
What IATUL means to me: “For me, IATUL means international expertise united and actively involved to promote the development and appreciation of academic libraries on a global scale.”
Areas of Expertise:

Design of Library and Learning Spaces, Strategic Planning, Open Access, Change Management, Scholarly Communication

Contact: library@unibz.it


Kate Robinson 2022

Ms Kate Robinson

University Librarian
University of Bath – Library
What IATUL means to me: “Recent events have really highlighted the benefits and need for us to work internationally, to collaborate across borders to continually develop and respond to change. In such a fast moving profession and world as ours, IATUL brings together the unique perspectives of librarians and their services across all continents to share and spark ideas for the benefit of all our communities.”
Areas of Expertise:

Study Space design and use, Open Research, Workforce Development and Leadership, Collaborative Service Development, Digital Libraries.

Board Member

Michelle Blake

Ms Michelle Blake

University Librarian
The University of Waikato – Library
What IATUL means to me: “"IATUL is a unique network to be able to harness diverse ideas, knowledge and people to collaborate at a global level on shared challenges and opportunities. It provides a forum to continue to grow and learn from each other."”
Areas of Expertise:

Relationship Management and Engagement, User experience, Open Research including OA and RDM, Workforce and Leadership Development, Change Management

Kara Jones

Ms Kara Jones

University Librarian
American University of Sharjah – Library
What IATUL means to me: “"I see IATUL membership and participation as a way to reach beyond our own Libraries and build networks with colleagues from around the world. In particular, the  Special Interest Groups offer active connections to like-minded colleagues and the Annual Conferences and Seminars give an opportunity to learn and grow professionally."”
Areas of Expertise:

Bibliometrics and open access, Research data management, Academic library management, library engagement and outreach including social media

Contact: kjones@aus.edu
Xinwan Li

Prof. Xinwan Li

University Librarian
Shanghai Jiao Tong University – The Main Library
What IATUL means to me: “"IATUL provides a professional platform that brings global library leaders together to make a better change of the academic libraries on quality, efficiency and excellence (QE2) for the future metaverse. Exchange of ideas inspires valuable drive to the development and library services."”
Areas of Expertise:

Management/Leadership in higher education, Digital libraries, Convergence media, Integrated technologies on fiber optic intelligent densing and communication

Board member Ujala Satgoor

Ms Ujala Satgoor

Executive Director
University of Cape Town – Chancellor Oppenheimer Library
What IATUL means to me: “IATUL is a distinctive platform to expand the global network of academic library directors and practitioners, share best practices, engage with trends as realities, and deepen the understanding of practice in different contexts and settings.”
Areas of Expertise:

Management/leadership in higher education; international librarianship; developing the next generation library leaders; locating libraries on the political, community and development agenda; and social responsibility of libraries, librarians and librarianship towards developing an informed nation

J K Vijayakumar

Prof. J.K. Vijayakumar

Director of Library Services
American University of Antigua 
What IATUL means to me: ““IATUL stands out as the unique global network of university library directors and academic librarians that support sharing best practices, identify new trends and embrace multicultural context and engagements.””
Areas of Expertise:

Library leadership; international librarianship; open access and open science; research and academic support services; collection development; scholarly communication etc.