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IATUL provides a forum for the exchange of ideas relevant to librarianship in technological universities throughout the world. It also provides library directors and senior managers an opportunity to develop a collaborative approach to solving common problems.
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IATUL 2016 Conference

Registration is now open for the 37th IATUL Annual Conference!

The conference will take place from June 5-9 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and will be hosted by Dalhousie University. This year’s theme is Leadership in a sea of change, and reflects not only Nova Scotia’s location by the ocean, but also provides the opportunity to share cutting edge experiences and knowledge during this time of continuing change in the world of libraries.
Register today and join us for
four days of stimulating conversations with academic librarians from all over the world. 
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Why Open Research?

Many researchers support the idea of increasing access to research, but worry about the implications for their career of sharing their work. This site has been built primarily for researchers, to educate them about all the different ways they can be open and how sharing can be beneficial for their careers. The aim is to provide information and resources for those working in open advocacy.

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Research Data Management

The way research is conducted has changed dramatically in the last two decades. New methods and tools (software, hardware, instuments and equipment), new sources of data and the increasing connectivity of global research via the internet mean that researchers across the globe are making progress at an unprecendetned pace. But with this paradigm shift comes significant challenges, most notably reproductibility of research and transparency of methods and workflows.

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