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IATUL provides a forum for the exchange of ideas relevant to librarianship in universities across the world. It also provides library directors and senior managers with an opportunity to develop a collaborative approach to solving common problems.
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IATUL Seminar 2016
Linking Up: Cooperation Strategies in Academic Libraries, 24th–26th October 2016, University Library of Bozen-Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy)

University libraries cooperate not only with other libraries but with a variety of other partners including institutions from inside and outside their own university as well as experts and organisations from the public sector and from the private sector. The seminar focuses both on fundamental aspects and on the prerequisites and pitfalls of cooperation projects.

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Blending Human Intelligence and Analytics for Student Success

Grinnell College is combining learning analytics with human-intelligence networks to increase student retention and completion. Various social and psychological factors play a role in student success, and these can be linked to learning data to paint a fuller picture of each student's likelihood of success. The college is working to understand the "science" of interventions and to provide faculty and staff with information on the effectiveness of those interventions.

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RDA & CODATA Legal Interoperability of Research Data: Principles and Implementation Guidelines

RDA & CODATA join forces to guide research stakeholders in the land of intellectual property providing them with a set of practical guidelines for researchers dealing with the legal aspects entailed in the sharing of data.


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