In the Service of University Libraries

IATUL's Legal Basis

The constitution is the legal basis for IATUL and provides information on the organisational and legal structure of IATUL.

IATUL is a non-profit-organisation and its assets shall be used exclusively and directly in accordance with its various purposes and tasks. The association promotes in particular:

  • Science and research in the field of library services
  • Effective cooperation among member libraries
  • Introduction of innovative technology

It provides a forum where library directors and senior managers can meet to exchange views on matters of current significance. Subject to the above, IATUL is representing the interests of, and serving as a competent partner to its members, and providing facilitation of networking opportunities for university libraries around the world.

Further, the purposes and tasks of all IATUL bodies, such as the General Assembly, the members and the board, are explained in the constitution.

Rules of procedure

The rules of procedure should be read in conjunction with IATUL’s Constitution.


Article 1. Name, Registered Office, Legal Status and Fiscal Year
Article 2. Purpose and Tasks
Article 3. Membership
Article 4. Rights and Obligations of Members
Article 5. Application for Membership
Article 6. Termination of Membership
Article 7. Organs of the Association
Article 8. General Assembly
Article 9. Board of Directors
Article 10. Executive Board
Article 11. Use of Assets in Case of Dissolution of the Association
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