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President's Welcome

Message from the President

Dr Anna Wałek

Dr Anna Wałek 
IATUL President

Welcome to IATUL!

The International Association of University Libraries (IATUL) offers an influential and inclusive community for leaders of university and research libraries worldwide. 

It brings together library directors and managers from over 70 countries to exchange ideas, expand professional networks, create new collaborations and work together on international projects exploring the current significant challenges. 

The importance of our association has never been higher. The pandemic and its consequences highlight the need for collaborative and innovative approaches to problem-solving. There is no better time for reimagining the role of university and research libraries as we seek answers to global challenges. 

What can IATUL offer to its members? 

You will be a part of a strong network of research libraries in a challenging and fast-moving environment. You can collaborate, innovate and connect with peers from around the world by attending the conferences and workshops offered by IATUL. Being part of the IATUL organisation, you can apply for the International Study Programme and work on your professional development.

When I started my service on the IATUL Board of Directors in 2018, I joined the group of wonderful people who devote their time and commitment to our organisation's common good, development, and goals. Faced with the challenges we have all encountered with the pandemic, we worked together to ensure that the difficulties did not disrupt the organisation of the annual conferences and seminars and the work of the Special Interest Groups, which were even more active during this period.

The entire IATUL Board of Directors, the IATUL Office and the teams organising the IATUL events worked together to allow our community to meet, albeit virtual, and exchange experiences.

Since 1st January 2022, I have been honoured to serve as IATUL President. During my presidency, I would like to continue the great work that has been done so far. I would also like to present myself and the entire IATUL community with new challenges, mainly related to education and new specialisations in the academic librarian profession. We would also like to focus on the challenges academic libraries face worldwide, both in the context of the effects of the pandemic and the development of new services and technologies.

I will try to continue the development of our previous achievements and, together with the Board and you, shape the further development and success of IATUL.

I appreciate your support so far, and I invite you to cooperate further.

I look forward to seeing you at our annual conference and seminars. Please do not hesitate to contact a Board member in your region or me.

With best wishes,
Dr Anna Wałek
IATUL President