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Post-Conference Leadership Institute 2024

Post-Conference Leadership Institute 

November 29, 2024, 
from 9am to 5pm

led by Fenella G. France 
and Elliott Shore

The Post-Conference will take place
in the heart of the University of Auckland’s 
City Campus.

Owen G Glenn Building
12 Grafton Road, Auckland Central, NZ


Equitable, Inclusive Leadership

The five keynote speakers will be sharing with us during the week all the essential elements that lead us: Ngā reo o te katoa – The voices of all. We envision Friday as a time to reflect and build on what we learned about leadership this week: through small group conversations, to hear from and ask questions of University leaders, to react to questions that you pose to us, and most importantly, to get to know one another through conversation, introspection and enjoying your colleagues.


Existing modes of leadership often focus on structured models, without approaching leadership in an equitable manner. After steering two GLAM leadership institutes in Aotearoa in 2024, the importance of embracing multi-cultural approaches to leading in a legally bi-cultural nation highlighted the challenges and opportunities of collaborative leadership. Effective conversations move away from prioritizing results, towards a culture that embraces community and measures impact in a thoughtful way. Communication is the cornerstone of an organization that holds good leadership at its centre. Understanding how to effectively communicate both up and down, looks to the culture of the organization and the ability of people to think about how communication impacts and can lead to successful cooperation and collaboration. To fully integrate culture and be inclusive, there needs to be an open access policy between leaders, managers and staff at all levels to assure effective transparent and inclusive communication. The complexity and reality of good, adaptable, and inclusive leadership can encompass responding with wisdom to uncertain and constantly changing external and internal working environments. True leadership is not inwardly focused and is responsive to external circumstances. The global environment is central to new leadership approaches.


Focus themes of the leadership institute include the following:

  • How to combine effective conversations, communication, and cooperation in multi-cultural societies and institutions
  • Encouraging us all to lead from where “you” are – the focus being on how to lead and who you are leading
  • How to acknowledge the impact of colonialism in diverse cultures and move forward together
  • Adaptability and agility – how to lead in times of confusion, conflict, catastrophe; what makes a good and effective leader in these times
  • Leadership in the global realm in the face of “wicked” problems and global challenges – climate crisis, reduced resources, marginalized communities
  • Leadership Qualities – how to assess and enhance your strengths as a leader while acknowledging and addressing areas of development; linking leadership with strategic planning , and relationship building


Elliott Shore
Elliott Shore
Dr. Fenella G. France
Dr. Fenella G. France


IATUL welcomes  both IATUL members and non-IATUL Aotearoa and Pacific nation attendees to the leadership institute program.


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Registration fee: € 125

morning coffee and lunch


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